Did you know?

  • A women’s wellbeing is strongly linked to the agency she has in her decision-making
  • The majority of our female population don’t have the autonomy to attend to her own wellbeing
  • Our traditional norms and practices often interferes with a women’s authority to protect her own wellbeing
“The time has now come to take action to ensure the health and wellbeing of women and girls globally!”
- International Council on Women’s Health Issues (2011)

Women's Mental Health: The Facts

(World Health Organization Report, 2001)

Bright Ray’s Focus

As a women led organization, we take addressing the wellbeing of all women very seriously. It is our priority and responsibility to lift fellow women up and help them reach their highest potential. Any upward progress for one is progress for all. This is a principle we live by. We at Bright Ray are here to address your unique needs and concerns and have the added advantage of being able to understand and even relate to some of your struggles.

Research shows that:

"Women have the highest level of comfort in self-disclosing with a female therapist"
- (Landez et.al 2013)

When you have the courage to speak up about concerns regarding your wellbeing, we value the opportunity we get to help a fellow-women through our discussions. Growth and Wellness are certain outcomes of such wellness talks.

At Bright Ray, we want to help women who are struggling with any of the below concerns:

Relationship Issues

  • Issues with interpersonal relationships (with family, friends and intimate partners)
  • Not voicing your own perspectives adequately
  • Feeling helpless with toxic relationships etc.

Pregnancy related concerns

  • Pre-maternity anxiety or Infertility related issues
  • Birth plan anxiety
  • Effects of pregnancy on emotional and mental health etc.

Post-partum related issues

  • Postpartum depression and/or anxiety
  • Anxiety in childcare set-ups/plans
  • Parenting related concerns etc.

Return to work following Birth

  • Job related insecurities
  • Feeling ‘rusty’ due to gap in work
  • Lack of time for yourself etc.

Unsteady Work-life balance

  • Blurred boundaries between work and personal life
  • Difficulty in juggling responsibilities between work and home
  • Persistent feeling of “burnout” etc.

Self-Care for Women

  • Unaware of your wellbeing needs and unclear on how to fulfil them
  • Not knowing when to say NO
  • Carrying everything on your shoulders instead of relying on someone etc.

If this sounds like you, then Bright Ray’s Women Wellness programmes might be exactly what you need!
We pledge to provide a non-judgmental, culturally sensitive safe space for women. Empathy and confidentiality is our priority. With the help of our female wellness experts, our goal is to give you the opportunity to talk freely and comfortably about these concerns. This will help you understand and address your needs more effectively. More importantly, we want you to know that you are not alone. We at Bright Ray want to be your companion and help you go forth in your wellness journey.

We understand that you may want to discuss more serious concerns such as depression or anxiety.

The World Health Organization has stated
“The burden of depression is 50% higher for females than males and Indians are reported to be among the world's most depressed”

If you feel like you may have related concerns, we are here to help. Our therapists at Bright Ray have decades of experience in providing mental health services so you are in safe hands. Depression || Anxiety

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