What do you want to be when you grow up?

The age-old question which everyone has heard at least once in their life. The socially acceptable answers used to be limited to ‘Doctor’ or ‘Engineer’ or other similar traditional careers since they were the only ones considered successful. But progress has improved society’s expectations on our youth and now accommodates more diverse professions. The real challenge is to figure out what you want and which one to choose.

Even if you make a choice,
uncertainties are hard to ignore
such as:

  • Are you actually suitable for a particular profession?
  • How do you pursue a career that you love?
  • Will you be successful in that profession?
  • What can you do to prepare for a job that you want?

If this is you worry not! Career Assessments will come to the rescue!

"A career Assessment is a proven assessment process that helps you choose the right career path for you."

Success in any career depends
on 3 main characteristics

Your Career Personality
(Who you are)

Includes personality traits (basic/career oriented) that reflect patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that make up a person. When choosing a career, finding one that suits your personality strengthens the chance of success in that job.

Your Career Aptitude
(What you are good at)

Includes your skills and competencies that will help you execute a career effectively. When choosing a career, understanding your current skills and abilities directs you to where you should start looking. It will also help you learn areas you need to improve to perform better in your chosen career path.

Your Career Interest
(What you love to do)

Includes career areas that you are interested in and those you want to pursue going forward. What you want to do is just as important as your personality and aptitude. So don’t say no to your dream job just yet! Especially when there might be a way to make it a successful reality!

Bright Ray’s Approach

Bright Ray’s Career Assessment tests provide tailored vocational suggestions consolidated from your responses to questionnaires regarding aptitude, personality, and interest. We use assessments developed by institutions that are industry veterans with decades of experience in this field. These assessments are highly reliable, extensively researched, and standardized. Moreover, Bright Ray has qualified psychologists that are trained in administering, interpreting, and reporting these assessments.We are committed to:

  • Providing tailored suggestions including a range of suitable career options appropriate for your overall profile.
  • Providing you with clarity in the vocational choices most suited to you
  • Supporting you in identifying your skill set and interest related to a work environment

For Students,

who are confused about their future and which field to pursue, a career assessment is a great tool in giving you direction + a goal to work towards. Once you know which path to pursue, you can start focusing on improving your knowledge, skills and abilities related to that field to better your chances of success.

For Parents,

these assessments can give you some relief and assurance as they will help your child/ren focus on what they can pursue going forward. It will also give you the opportunity to guide your child where possible to help them achieve their goal for a successful career.

For Professionals,

who are thinking about changing career paths, taking a career assessment is useful to understand your overall career personality, aptitude, and interest as it can give you a fresh perspective on which alternative career path is suitable for you.

For Adults,

who are re-entering the work force, these assessments are a great method to understand your current level of competencies and skills along with your unique career personality and interests (especially if these have changed from before). These assessments are further useful to examine whether your previous career path is truly what should pursue going forward or whether there are other avenues you can explore that are better suited for you.


Frequently asked questions

1. What does the Career Assessment Process at Bright Ray include? +
Our Career Assessment process includes:
a. A pre-assessment interview which will include instructions on how to approach the assessments
b. Administration of the assessments online
c. Profile briefing (including individual reports for each career assessment and guidance on career opportunities after the test)
All assessments will be administered online and will be interpreted by a qualified Psychologist.
Note - We also offer career consulting services for students who prefer to study abroad.
2. At what age should we do career assessments? +
Typically, anyone starting from the age of 13 (8th Standard) up to and including Undergraduate students, can do these assessments. Further, individuals who are re-entering the job market or those who are considering changing their career path can also use our Career Assessments.
3. There are many other career tests available on the internet. Why can’t we use those tests? +
Reliability and Validity of those tests are not guaranteed so, the results may not be very accurate. For standardised tools like the ones we use, validity and reliability have been established through thorough empirical investigations and analyses. It has clearly defined norms which is not available for generic tests you may find otherwise.

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