Dr. Susha Janardanan

Entering into the world of counselling, so many years ago, was so magical as well as challenging. The varied insightful and inspiring experiences in this voyage has given me immense pleasure and peace. The numerous relationships I made as a counsellor, with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds gave me an unbelievable opportunity to row along with them through their journeys. In this process I equipped myself, enhanced my professional skills and associated with many professional bodies at the national and international level. This blissful experience was like a pilgrimage and quite humbling, mindful and grounded.

When the field of counselling in India was gaining its momentum, it became necessary to train novice counsellors who were beginning to explore this noble profession with immense enthusiasm but simultaneously a lot of confusion. Taking up this challenging task by adopting culturally suitable training strategies while not easy, was rewarding to say the least. I schooled myself through in-depth research investigations, modifications of western training tools, deliberate reading of books and articles, and engaged in endless deliberations with professionals across the globe. Extending my expertise to enable a young cadre of professionals to ethically practice counselling is really fulfilling. At this juncture, I gratefully remember those who guided me, travelled along with me and are willing to bear the torch for the well-being of future generations!

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