Bright Ray - Authentic mental health & well-being services in a single platform! It was an ambitious dream and the tasks involved reflected that ambition. Stepping into this daring adventure has been a perpetual passion of mine emboldened by my curiosity towards the field of psychology and my experience being a mental health professional for more than a decade in different capacities such as an academician, researcher, therapist, and trainer. My cherished collaboration with Dr. Susha (my mentor and philosopher) has allowed us both to grow together and expand our team with committed professionals who hold strong credentials. While digitalising the process and services wasn't an easy feat, our team was dedicated to reach those who need our skilled support across the globe. Those relentless efforts has equipped us today to offer all of our services through online platforms including counselling, training, wellness coaching or any other support. That ambitious dream has made strides towards rewarding results. At Bright Ray, we are delighted to be a part of your wellness journey as a fellow traveller!

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