Billion dollar costs Indian employers yearly due to mental health issues among employees

20 %

of employees resigned from their firm due to mental health related issues

29 %

of employees took a leave of absence to deal with workplace- related stressors

Source: Deloitte Report, 2022
We enable you to create a Wellness Workplace Culture

At Bright Ray, one of our key services is the Employee Assistance Programme. We cater to the mental health and wellness needs of your employees both in their personal and professional lives. By drawing out their fullest potential we aim to help your organization attain its operational and strategic goals and thereby widen its horizons.

A psychologically safe environment and an experience of being cared-for at the workplace can positively influence an employee’s decision to stay longer with your organisation!

We support those in your workforce who may be seeking answers to issues such as:

  • Job Stress & Burnout
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Separation & Loss
  • Family Issues
  • Performance Anxiety

Employee Assistance Programmes

  • Increase productivity & engagement
  • Results in better learning outcomes
  • Enable team to be met KRAs & KPIs
  • Reduce rate of Absenteeism
  • Increase Retention
  • Reduce C&B claims
  • Improve employee relations…….and more!

Our Wellness Solutions for your Organization


Individual Employee Counselling

Supporting employees to manage stress in their life

Individual, online counselling sessions provided by professionally qualified psychologists. Bright Ray offers a non-judgmental safe space for employees to express their concerns (personal and professional) and address their needs adequately. By tackling the individual issues, we aim to free employees of external (and internal) stressors and facilitate improvement in their performances

Personal Coaching

Optimize The Overall Growth Of The Individual And The Organization

Growth oriented, long-term & consistent support will help employees align with vision & value proposition of the organization as well as help them achieve their own personal goals.


World-Class Talent Management Assessments Lead To Better Informed Decisions

Our assessments include:



Interactive, Inspirational & Experiential Wellness Insights

Our experts will guide your employees using updated, scientific information on how to improve their wellbeing. Webinars will cover a range of topics such as Mental Health & Well-being, Stress Management, Parenting, Self-Care & Women Wellness

Learning & Development Projects

Unique Solutions For Your Unique Requirements

When it comes to development of any company/employee, we cannot ignore your individual requirements. Rather than generic, one-size-fits-all style of programmes, Bright Ray’s learning and development projects will be tailored to fit your needs. For example, Start-ups may need induction of their new recruits, established corporates may need year-long Wellness Programmes or Mindfulness Training for their employees, Crisis circumstances may warrant the need for programmes on Building Resilience so on and so forth. Our team of experts will sit with you, study your organization & its unique requirements, design custom made evidence-based resources and help implement these strategies.

As part of the overall process, consistent feedback will be ensured to make necessary changes as and when needed. As a cyclic process, we will continually evaluate and re-evaluate our approach to ensure your requirements are met as they change.

Corporate Query Form

For more queries, please write to corporate.support@brightray.in

Frequently asked questions

1. Will these EAP programmes address both individuals and groups?+
We provide a combination of services including group services (such as webinars, training programmes, wellness programmes etc) as well as standalone services (such as individual counselling sessions, assessments etc)
2. Are Bright Ray’s services/records confidential? +
Bright Ray maintains the utmost discretion when it comes to our clients’ information. Written records of services provided to employees are kept private and are unavailable to employers or others without the written consent of the identified individual (or legal guardian). Generally, any and all information shared by an individual, a group, or the company as a whole will be kept confidential unless disclosure is required by law. We keep our records on a separate, secure HIPAA compliance digital platform with access control enabled to further safeguard this.
3. Do you use evidence-based approaches and strategies? +
Always. Our experts are trained (and are constantly re-training) to make sure that our services reflect the most up to date, researched methods of effective support.
3. What credentials do EAP counsellors hold? +
Our experts are highly educated in the fields of Psychology, Counselling and Social Work, with 30 + years of experience under their belts. They hold membership of many National and International Professional Associations. They are constantly getting further qualifications/certifications to ensure that you are getting the latest international standard of services.

Begin Your Voyage to Wellness with Us