Wellness, to put it generally, is the active pursuit of complete mental, physical, and social well-being enabling you to reach your highest potential. Wellness for an individual is as unique as their DNA. It includes your health, happiness, home life, work life, environment and more.

There is a general tendency to assume it is best to deal with problems as they arise rather than think about them now. However, being prepared makes it all the more easier to prevent/tackle those problems as well as minimize the chances of persistent setbacks. Consider it as an investment into your overall wellbeing.

Wellness has many domains you can pursue, but your Wellness Pathway will be unique to you! It may include addressing some or all domains such as:


Bright Ray’s Approach

Here at Bright Ray, we utilize an Integrated, Functional approach encompassing Wellness Chats, Wellness Checks and Wellness Engagements; a 3-fold programme to map out your Personalized Wellness Pathway and how we can help your journey through it.
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To establish your individual Wellness Pathway,
we need to address 3 main areas:

Where you are currently

What you want going forward

How you can achieve that goal

Through Personalized Wellness Coaching, we will help you
address these areas and get you started
on your Wellness Journey!

Wellness Chat & Wellness Checks

Wellness chat and checks are used to understand in detail where you are with your wellness currently as well as what you want (goals) moving forward (short term and long term). This usually means asking some fundamental questions about yourself and your life at present through proper assessments.

Quality of Life

How satisfied are you with your life?

Self-Care Practices

Are you taking care of yourself properly? Is it enough?


Are you able to bounce back from your problems and start afresh?

Relationship Satisfaction

How satisfied are you in your relationships?


How often do you experience real happiness? How content are you with your life?


How forgiving are you with others? How forgiving are you with yourself?

Perseverance & Passion aka Grit

How forgiving are you with others? How forgiving are you with yourself?

Wellness Engagements

Wellness engagements are planned personal coaching which includes:

Your Journey

The progress of your Wellness journey will depend on your individual Wellness Plan. Our aim is to help you move forward through your Wellness Pathway effectively and efficiently so that you are well equipped to accomplish your goals. Your success is ours too!

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