Gadget or screen addiction is a form of addiction where use of devices or gadgets becomes obsessive. This is further emphasized by the fact that social media and other media companies exploit a person’s attention and try different tactics to keep people glued to their screens. This usually involves extreme reactions/content that elicits a response from a user, keeping them using apps and gadgets.

There is a constant urge to check your phone, or go online excessively that has become almost instinctual for most of us. Gadget addiction affects people of all ages, races, genders etc. While some of this is a product of living in the modern age, we must also recognise that there are dangers and harms that this can cause. This was further made worse during the COVID 19 pandemic when work and school become entirely virtual, meaning we needed to rely on gadgets and screens for our education and livelihood.

Children addicted to gadgets will have issues with their emotional and cognitive development.

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