Research shows that 34% of employees quit jobs due to mental health related reasons. 84% employees have reported that they experience symptoms of poor mental health of which 60% have never spoken about it to anyone at work. The uncertainties and chaos resulting from the pandemic has also compounded immense amount of stress and psychological vulnerabilities to people and organisations/businesses. It is evident in the consequential change in efficacy and productivity in work performance as well as mental wellbeing of employees. The importance of addressing mental health especially with regard to work related concerns is therefore critical.

These stressors can manifest in many ways in our mind And body such as:

In a study report by Forbes Magazine (2020) it is highlighted that if we fail to address the work-related distresses at the right time it can lead to

How Bright Ray can help you to manage your Work-related Stress

We provide a non-judgemental space to express and address all work-related concerns/issues privately and openly. These purposeful conversations will help you develop healthier boundaries in work life balance, work related efforts, job responsibilities, interpersonal relationships (within work spaces as well as beyond those spaces).

Through therapy we can also

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