In the new millennium, individuals strive for progressive means to achieve their life goals. Though plenty of opportunities are now accessible, what we really need is the skills and tools to initiate the process of change. This is where the importance of activity-based, reflective and engaging training workshops comes in

Documented evidence has consistently shown that experiential training and guidance have tremendous impacts on the individual’s personal and professional accomplishments including adaptive expertise, innovation, self-management skills, and empowerment.

We offer training workshops in
the following seven domains

Counselling Skill Development

Scientific enquiry is necessary to understand the appropriate use of certain skills like active listening, empathetic understanding, paraphrasing, clarifying, focusing, confronting, influencing has the power to enhance your relationships in any context. Conscious and purposeful application of these skills can also be beneficial in your professional journey. As a leading organization in the field of mental health & well-being, we extensively conduct customised experiential workshops in basic and advanced counselling skills for professionals and paraprofessionals. These workshops will be tailored to match the needs and profile of the participants.

Who will benefit: Counsellors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Homemakers, Teachers, HR Professionals, Other resilient practitioners such as Nurses, Therapists, the Clergy, and Law Enforcement Professionals etc.

Stress Management

Consciously or unconsciously our well-being is continuously compromised as a result of the stress and complications infused by modern life. While we may not be able to escape life’s demands and expectations, we can surely learn ways to deal with them and prioritise what is important. Bright Ray’s Stress Management workshops address exactly that! These workshops will help you find ways to increase your resilience to stress as well as guide you on how to recalibrate your system.

Who will benefit: Adolescents, College Students, Teachers, Hospital Staff, Employees of any organization, Homemakers, or any other group who may find it useful.

Self-Care Practices

Amidst other pressing needs in our daily life, taking care of oneself often takes a back seat. But neglecting your self-care needs can ruin your well-being in the long run. Self-care essentially describes the conscious actions that people adopt to promote their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We, at Bright Ray have developed unique, culturally sensitive self-care tools through our own in-depth research inquiries. Our self-care practice workshops enable a person to engage in mindful self-care routines with increased awareness about self-care practices.

Who will benefit: Any and all people who want to improve their well-being

21st Century Skills

As we progress through the new millennium, navigating through the accelerated growth of society, technology, and the interaction between the two can feel overwhelming. The change is so drastic that you may feel disoriented as to what you need to do or how to do it. But that doesn’t mean you have to be left behind! Preparing yourself for the specific demands of the 21st century in your professional and personal spheres will help you catch up and maintain your growth sustainably in the VUCA world. The goal of 21st Century Skill Development Workshop is to equip young people with competencies to solve complex problems, think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate globally, and engage compassionately.

Who will benefit: Adolescents, Young Adults and Novice Professionals from any stream

Mindful Parenting

Compared to previous generations, parenting has become a challenging job and many parents are struggling to figure it out alone. Loads of information is available regarding styles of parenting, techniques of parenting, healthy parenting so on and so forth. However, many young parents are finding it difficult to assess whether these strategies are appropriate with regard to many variables such as age of the child, temperament of the child, culture of their family, and their level of competency as a parent. Proper guidance in parenting can effectively improve the wellbeing and growth of children as well as the relationship between parent and child. Bright Ray has years of experience in providing webinars and other training on the different facets of parenting. We deliver personalised programs to support and strengthen parents at different phases (parents of toddlers, of pre-school children, of school aged children, of adolescents and/or parents of young adults). We also provide customised programmes for parents of children with special needs.

Who will benefit: Parents of children (any age)

Life Skill Training

It is important for adolescents, while passing through the crucial transition period from childhood to adulthood, to master abilities to engage in healthy behaviours and take informed decisions. While school education can develop some of this, when it comes to the real world and the complexities therein, they may remain ill-equipped. Life skill education helps adolescents to bridge this gap between their capability and functionality. Bright Ray’s Life Skill Training Workshops focus on developing self-confidence among adolescents, ways to improve communication, make better decisions through critical thinking, increase resilience, effective time management strategies etc. Acquiring these adaptive and positive behaviours will equip them to deal with the demands at different life stages.

Who will benefit: Adolescents and Young Adults

Caregiver Support Training

Being a caregiver can be a rewarding experience, especially considering what you are able to provide for those who need it the most. But having the responsibility of a person’s life and well-being on your hands is not a simple thing. It is well documented that, trained caregivers are more confident, feel better supported, and are less likely to leave their roles. It is also important to acknowledge and address the caregiver’s own needs to prevent burnout or other stress-related concerns. At Bright Ray, we offer Caregiver Support Training Workshops, to help caregivers to carry out their role in an empathetic, efficient, and practical manner all the while paying attention to their own needs.

Who will benefit: Family Caregivers, Hospice Caregivers, Assisted Living Facilities, Day-care Centres, Nursing Homes

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