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Bright Ray offers support in scientific research investigations at the institutional, organizational and community level in the following areas

Need Analysis

Scientific enquiry is necessary to understand certain potential needs of organizations and communities. Understanding the perspectives of the stakeholders will provide a realistic prospect for planning and implementing responsive programs. The Bright Ray research team can assist in carrying out these scientific enquiries in the areas such as resource gaps in communities, youth development priorities, employee wellness needs, change management requirements at work places and staff development needs.

Psycho- Social Surveys

There is documented evidence that psychological and social factors play a crucial role in the well-being of individuals in different circumstances. A systematic inquiry on the interplay of existing psycho-social parameters will provide a platform for adopting corrective or prospective measures at institutional and community level. The research team of Bright Ray will offer resource support in meticulously carrying out such psycho-social surveys for the smooth functioning of individuals at different social settings.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Organizations move towards greater heights in achieving their strategic goals when employees showcase optimal level of performance. Employee wellness revolves around many factors such as career advancement, recognition, salary, employment benefits, and work-life balance. Employee engagement surveys measure and analyse the employee perceptions and their involvement in functioning as well as the progress of the organization. Strategic employee engagement surveys to ensure employee well-being and organizational growth will be carried out on request by the research team of Bright Ray.

Impact Studies

Empirical research studies assess and provide valuable information about the impact of existing policies, programs and social projects on beneficiaries and communities. This will give ample opportunities for agencies to refine and reconstruct their approaches to fortify the plans. The research team of Bright Ray is competent to undertake such impact studies for social development.