No research without action,
no action without research

- Kurt Lewin

Whether it is for an assessment at university, to understand public perceptions and views, to survey your employees’ concerns, review how public services are running – ‘Re-search’ is an integral part to understand the world around us. Research in the social and psychological fields allows us to scientifically explore the different facets of society, culture, evolving mindsets and even individual experiences in depth. It allows us to understand the world at large by looking at representative data or even through minute details.

Research has led to ground-breaking developments that have improved knowledge of the social sciences, and practices used within, as well as provided clarity on the 'why?' of it all rather than just the 'what' or 'how'.

Bright Ray offers support in scientific research investigations

at the individual, institutional, organizational and community

level in the following areas

Need Analysis

Scientific enquiry is necessary to understand the perspectives of the stakeholders to provide a realistic prospect for planning and implementing responsive programs. The Bright Ray research team assist in carrying out these enquiries in the areas such as resource gaps in communities, youth development priorities, and change management requirements at workplaces and more.

Psycho-Social Surveys

A systematic inquiry on the interplay of existing psycho-social parameters will provide a platform for adopting corrective or prospective measures at institutional and community levels. The research team of Bright Ray offers resource support in meticulously carrying out such psycho-social surveys for the smooth functioning of individuals at different social settings.

Impact Studies

Empirical research studies assess and provide valuable information about the impact of existing policies, programs and social projects on beneficiaries and communities. This will give agencies ample opportunities to refine and reconstruct their approaches to fortify the plans. The research team of Bright Ray is competent to undertake such impact studies for social development.

Action Research

Action research composes of a cyclic nature of planning, action and fact-finding about the result of that action, leading back to further planning, action and so on. At Bright Ray, our research team has been able to study, evaluate and implement changes in practices and internal structures as well as enable you to conduct reflective internal research to keep the improvement consistent.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys measure and analyse the employee perceptions and their involvement in functioning as well as the progress of the organization. Strategic employee engagement surveys to ensure employee well-being and organizational growth will be carried out on request by the research team of Bright Ray.

Research Consultation

The research team of Bright Ray provide guidance and advice on how research study should be formulated, how methodologies can be developed, provide clarity on data entry and appropriate analysis methods and finally how to report your findings in line with publication level standards.

We also provide support to students who require consultation for their research reports/dissertation. We cater to students in the area of Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Counselling Psychology, Counselling, Behavioural Sciences etc.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Do you provide proofreading? +
We can provide proofreading in select cases at the discretion of Bright Ray. Please enquire by either giving us a call or drop a message with your details.
2. Who do you offer consultation support to? +
UG, PG & PG Diploma Students, PhD Scholars and Independent Research Agencies, Institutions, organisations etc. To find out more, please contact us with your details.

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