Relationships and our connection to others is one of the most important parts of our existence. Sustaining these connections and relationships is equally important but sometimes, how to do so may be more difficult to figure out. While some differences of opinion or conflict is normal, and sometimes useful as a tool for growth for those involved, it needs to be addressed when these issues become harmful to one another. These relationships may be with your parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family, friends, partners/spouses, children etc.

For Couples/Partners: Do you have trouble communicating with your partner? Do you two fight often? Are you unsure if your partner is compatible with you? Then you may benefit from addressing these concerns together. Please click here to know more

For Families: The template of a family has shifted and evolved over the years from traditional joint families to more nuclear families. How each member of the family interacts with one another has also subsequently changed. Every family will have their own dynamic, but it isn’t always the most sustainable or healthy for those involved. It is important to recognise what is useful, and necessary vs what is harmful.

For Other relationships: Peer groups, friends, work mates etc. You may be struggling to fit in to the groups easily. How do you know if they have your best interest at heart? Are you dealing with your conflicts in healthy ways?

How do you identify when something is a genuine issue rather than simply a difference of opinion/situationally appropriate?

Be open and recognise the symptoms which can include:

Anxiety or worry – constantly worried about how the other person/people may react to situations/problems even when they are beyond your control. Anxiety from relationships may inhibit other parts of your life.

Stress – Stress from these relationships may manifest in other ways such as physical reactions (high blood pressure, poor sleeping habits, body pain, digestive issues etc.)

A conflict with one relationship might affect other relationships – Sometimes we are so preoccupied with one relationship and the issues therein, that we tend to neglect our other relationships and connections.

Self-esteem issues – When there are inconsistencies in relationships, or if there are drastic changes to circumstances (you move locations, a new person is introduced into the group etc.) then this may affect your sense of self-worth.

Common Causes for Relationship Problems:

What causes these issues are subjective and dependent on those involved and their situations. Some of these may include: trust issues, lack of time spent together, poor communication patterns, lack of clarity in each person’s responsibility in a relationship, financial issues like division of expenses, saving plans, handling of money, major life changes, anger issues, stress and irritability, or any form of abuse and violence etc.

If you are struggling to understand how to solve issues or improve relationships then relationship counselling might be the answer! Relationship counselling ensures a safe space to talk openly about concerns and feelings for all those involved. It provides the right environment to explore what you and the other person want from your relationship. Relationship counselling is beneficial even for those relationships where there is no clear conflict or issues since there may be a lot of things left unsaid/implied that may need to be aired out and clarified with one another.

What Bright Ray can do for you to improve the quality of your relationships

There is no universal equation for all relationships because every connection has its own unique dynamic. Therefore, our therapists will guide you in identifying the core concerns and unhealthy behaviour patterns in your relationship. This will help you and those involved to develop realistic goals. Through therapy, you will be also familiarised with strategies to develop and maintain clear boundaries and expectations in relationships. Support will be offered in conflict resolution training, stress management and mindful communication patterns which can help you build and rebuild healthy connections.

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