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Childhood experiences have tremendous impact on the process of making an individual into a healthy adult. So it is vital a conducive environment for growing children. Unfortunately as WHO report says one in every five adolescents in the world is facing disabling mental health issues. This book gives a detailed description of disorders of childhood and adolescence. This can be used as a hands on reference for those who work in the field of mental Health.

A Handbook on Self Development Techniques

Self-development techniques are the way for an individual to evolve into an integral being by maximizing one’s own potentials. Today’s competitive environment make it a necessary condition to learn self-development techniques to meet the challenges of everyday life more effectively. This handbook explains selected culturally relevant and easy to do kind of practices in a detailed fashion.

Koumaravum Kudumbavum : Chila Vichinthannangal

This book is a compilation of All India Radio Talks related to Adolescence and Family. This details about identification and management of crises in the context of present day parenting and family, with a psychological perspective. This also covers the basic factors which parents should focus to mould a healthy generation.

Padana Madhu Nukaram, Paripparakkam!

This is an article published by Kerala State Institute of Children's Literature in Thalir , Children’s Magazine. It discusses about the art of studying using effective skill set.