What are the goals of professional supervision?

Professional supervision is an enabling process that promotes accountability and growth to emerging mental health practitioners. It involves observation, evaluation, feedback, and the facilitation of supervisee’s self-assessment. The acquisition of knowledge and skills will take place through instruction, modelling and mutual problem solving between supervisor and supervisee. Supervision allows practitioners to discuss their work with a supervisor experienced in both counselling and supervision.

Who will benefit?

All mental health professionals looking to improve their practice.

Bright Ray’s Approach

Supervisors at Bright Ray have years of experience in both counselling and supervision. They also have a lot of experience in training new practitioners. This multifaceted approach allows Bright Ray to be able to give practitioners with the highest quality of supervision. This process of professional supervision will enable you walk away more informed, with an improved skillset, and with an encouraged mindset towards your practice.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How does a contract with Bright Ray for Professional Supervision look like? +
We will have an initial discussion to get a clear understanding of your (individual/educational organization/institutions) specific needs based on the setting (Schools/Colleges, Hospitals/Counselling Centers etc.), years of experience, goals for professional development etc. Accordingly, we will decide the frequency of the sessions that is acceptable to both supervisee and supervisor. Will set a mutually agreeable contract to confirm the same.

Note: we only provide online supervision

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