Why do I need to prepare to get married?

How am I going to benefit from pre-marital preparation?

What can I expect from pre-marital preparation?

You may have similar questions in mind while thinking about pre-marital preparation. Let us guide you!

One may have several ideas and notions on what marriage will look like – or should look like. But what many don't realise is that sometimes, reality can be very different. Premarital preparation helps couples to identify their expectations for their marriage and address any significant differences that partners may have.

Yes! Premarital preparation is a specialized form of strength-focused therapy that facilitates preparation for those intending to marry.

Need for Pre-Marital Preparation

Pre-marital preparation allows partners to disclose all of their views and worries to each other in a mediated and open environment without any judgement. Being able to discuss and address the root of these issues that couples may face will ensure that your forever partnership starts out on the best foot.


Our pre-marital preparation programme is designed as a multi-phase, growth focused approach as follows, which usually takes about 3-4 hours. This may be extended depending on the couple’s specific needs.

Pre-marital Check

We use in-house curated tools to create an outline of each partner’s compatibility, readiness, approach and attitude towards marital life.

Individual Counselling

While there may be a multitude of reasons affecting a relationship, sometimes the root cause for these issues may actually arise from issues in your personal experiences/perspectives. Addressing them is just as important as addressing the relationship itself. When you address your own wellbeing, you are also consequently fostering improvement in the relationship.

Couple Counselling
& Marital Orientation

These sessions are designed to finally get couples on the same page as well as set a deeper understanding of themselves, each other, and their relationship as a whole. In a safe, open, and non-judgemental environment, couples can learn strategies and approaches to examine and find solutions for their concerns/conflicts and formulate an acceptable path for a healthy future.

While pre-marital counselling is indeed meant to address matters before marriage, some may not have been so lucky as to have received it. If you are already married but would like to address any of the above issues, we are here to support your needs as well. It is never too late to seek help and support. We have tailored counselling sessions for marital related issues and can address your needs appropriately.

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