Couple Counselling

While everyone has ideas on what their ideal relationship looks like, reality may not always match. People have their own experiences and biases that may cause issues within a relationship. If you and your partner feel like you may benefit from having a neutral mediator to air out your concerns and find common ground/compromise then Couple Counselling is for you!

Marital Counselling

While Bright Ray encourages the need for Pre-marital Counselling, we fully understand that not all couples have the luxury of doing so before the wedding. It may only be after the wedding that you realise there are conflicts, incompatibility issues and other problems with your partner. But this doesn’t have to mean the end of a happy relationship, or even that the relationship as a whole is wrong/bad and needs to end. This is where Marital Counselling comes in.

Many things can cause issues within couples/marriages such as:

Emotional Immaturity/Behavioural problems: e.g., Inadequate anger management, manipulative behaviours, emotional outbursts etc. Mental Health Issues: Anxiety issues, depression etc.

Expression of affection/sex disconnectHow one person wants to be loved is different to another. How this is expressed may also differ. If a partner doesn’t understand or neglects to use the methods that you prefer then there may be a disconnect and may feel as though you are being neglected.

Past Experiences and/or Trauma:If previous unpleasant/abusive relationships remain unresolved/not addressed, then they can affect new relationships. There may be comparisons of the new partner to the old one, expectations or fears that will strain the new relationship. This is also true for unrecognised trauma of previous experiences.

Conflict mismanagement:not dealing with conflicts/difference of opinion with respect to the partner but rather belittling or demeaning them. Trivial issues exploding into big conflicts.

Cheating/Infidelity: While infidelity is a serious breach of trust, it is always worth addressing what the core issues are, and whether the relationship is salvageable. It is also necessary to recognise what each partner is willing to own up to and what is the best course of action for both of you moving forward.

We at Bright Ray want to help you and your partner find your rhythm!

Bright Ray offers sessions that will cover the following topics as required and additional individualised therapy to fit your unique needs to keep your intimate partnership at peace.

*If you are a couple looking to get married and feel you may need pre-marital counselling, then please click here to find out more

*For those contemplating Divorce, it may be a better idea to start with Marital Counselling. If the issues remain unresolved, or if you end up going forward with Divorce, we have Divorce specific counselling to help you get through this life changing, significant event in your life. Please click here to know more

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