Self-esteem relates to the sense of self-worth and respect a person has for themselves. As we grow, how we view our physical selves, how we accomplish our goals, how others view us etc influences our own sense of self-worth. Circumstances and environment can also negatively affect self-esteem, which can result in self-doubt, negative views or shame about oneself.

Generally, those with lower self-esteem suffer from poor quality of life and may even trigger other mental health disorders.

How can Bright Ray support you in improving your self-esteem?

Bright Ray is equipped to handle your concerns related to low self-esteem. Boosting self-esteem can be a long process. Our therapists will support you to have an open and purposeful conversation as it is critical to understand the negative beliefs you hold about yourself to help you raise your self-esteem. In the next stages of therapy, the therapist will help you address the underlying issues, and equip you to practice better self-care. Therapy will help clients to consciously engage in acts of self-compassion which in turn result in more self-acceptance. Acquiring necessary tools through simple steps will enable you to gradually improve self- esteem that work for you.

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