Just like an X-ray or Blood test can help the physician diagnose a condition and subsequently plan treatment, psychological assessments are the tools used by psychologists to determine the best way to help you. These assessments are used to evaluate a person’s personality, social skills, cognitive and emotional functioning, behavioural responses, or interests. It can also help clarify symptoms/characteristics of a plethora of mental illnesses. They can be administered either individually or in groups.

An assessment is not a one-and-done process. As you grow and mature, consistent assessments can reflect this evolution. Clinical Assessments are, simply put, a means to an end. It helps you and the psychologist understand your current state of being, and more importantly, the areas where you need help or treatment.

At Bright Ray, our qualified, expert psychologists will administer standardised clinical assessments through online platforms and will interpret and present you with the results. If find needed, you will be directed and assisted with the required treatment process (psychotherapy/ pharmacotherapy or in combination).



Behaviour Assessment for Children & Adolescents

Sensory Processing Patterns of Children

Parenting Relationship

Learning Disability (Dyslexia)



Anger & Disruptive Behaviour

Note: Appropriate assessment will be done after having an initial conversation with your therapist.

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