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Bright Ray offers open and customized training programmes in the following domains.

Counselling Skill Development

Conduct bespoke experiential workshops in basic and advanced counselling skills for professionals and para professionals.

Adaptability Skill Development

Equipping young people to develop readiness in adapting to their new and responsible roles, both at home and work (Core Skills for Crucial Turning Points like beginning a career, entering into marriage, planning to migrate, preparing for parenthood) for targeted groups

Parental Effectiveness Programme

Deliver personalised programs to support and strengthen parents at different phases (parents of toddlers, parents of pre-school children, parents of school aged children, parents of adolescents and parents of young adults). Customised programmes for parents of special children can also be organised.

Faculty Enhancement Programme

Enable teachers (school/college) through ‘innovative learning strategy series’ to sharpen their abilities in the areas of teaching, research and administration.

Induction Programmes

Provide orientation programmes for freshers to induct them into institutional culture (joining a course/ joining a new job). This will focus on channelizing their desires and dreams to achieve their goals in accordance with the vision of the organization. Code of ethics training for educational institutions and organizations will also be provided.

Mindfulness programme

Open a wellness window of emotional and physical well-being through Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programmes. This will focus on nurturing self-care practices to optimise peace of mind and happiness in life.

Special Programmes for teacher trainees

Offer specialised professional development programmes to equip teacher trainees in B.Ed., TTC, PPTTC, Montessori and NTT to deliver value based practice. Specific sessions on developmental stages, signs and management of developmental delays and effective learner centric teaching strategies will also be carried out on request.

Refresher programmes for Resilient Practitioners

Organize self-reflective leisure programmes for resilient practitioners like Clergy, Nurses, HR Specialists, Therapists and Law enforcement professionals.

Capacity Building Programmes for Employees

Deliver open and customized skill development programmes for employees across various organized and unorganized sectors to optimise people skills, team building, performance excellence, professional growth and organizational development

Career orientation programmes

Conduct career guidance programmes at schools and colleges along with administration of suitable psychometric assessments like aptitude tests/vocational interest inventories.

Programmes for institutionalized children and care givers

Provide psycho-social support programmes for institutionalised children and skill development programme for their care givers.

Mental health & Well being

Deliver mental health awareness programmes for various groups to create awareness about mental health issues and its management. Specific programmes on psychological well-being can also be conducted.

Marital Enrichment Programme

Offer specific enrichment programmes for couples at different stages of marriage to enhance marital communication and marital satisfaction.

Geriatric Wellness programmes

Conduct workshops for elderly groups to promote their day to day functioning and general well-being. Special training programmes for care givers (home/institution) can also be offered.